Smart home startup Level Home emerges from stealth with $71M and a new take on the smart lock

Source: Policy Forums As companies like Google, Amazon and Apple hone their strategies to build the brain that helps you use the smart home of

October 15, 2019 Policy forums

Watch Google unveil the Pixel 4 live right here

Source: Policy Forums Google is about to unveil its new smartphone lineup, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. And if you’re an Android fan,

October 15, 2019 Policy forums

Leo Labs and its high-fidelity space radar track orbital debris better than ever — from New Zealand

Source: Policy Forums Ask anyone in the space business and they’ll tell you that orbital debris is a serious problem that will only get worse,

October 14, 2019 Policy forums

Nomad’s new Base Station Pro offers a taste of what Apple’s AirPower had promised

Source: Policy Forums Accessory maker Nomad already offers a couple of excellent wireless chargers that work great with Apple and other Qi-compatible devices, but they’re

October 11, 2019 Policy forums

NASA’s new Moon-bound spacesuit is safer, smarter, and much more comfortable

Source: Policy Forums The next Americans to set foot on the Moon will do so in a brand new spacesuit that’s based on, but hugely

October 10, 2019 Policy forums

Creators of modern rechargeable batteries share Nobel prize

Source: Policy Forums If you had to slip a couple AAs into your smartphone every morning to check your email, browse Instagram, and text your

October 10, 2019 Policy forums

Gnarbox 2.0 backup SSD is a photographer’s best friend in the field and at home

Source: Policy Forums Working photographers, and enthusiasts who just love taking plenty of pictures, know that even the biggest SD cards can sometimes fill up,

October 09, 2019 Policy forums

With $15M round and 100K tablets sold, reMarkable CEO wants to make tech ‘more human’

Source: Policy Forums The reMarkable tablet is a strange device in this era of ultra-smart gadgets: A black and white screen meant for reading, writing,

October 08, 2019 Policy forums

Google makes moving music and videos between speakers and screens easier

Source: Policy Forums Google today announced a small but nifty feature for the Google Assistant and its smart home devices that makes it easier for

October 08, 2019 Policy forums

With a possible Apple tag waiting in the wings, Tile unveils Sticker, an adhesive device for tracking objects

Source: Policy Forums We are still waiting to see if Apple officially unveils a new spin on the business of tracking tags — the small

October 08, 2019 Policy forums