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Spider eyes inspire a new kind of depth-sensing camera

Source: Policy Forums As robots and gadgets continue to pervade our everyday lives, they increasingly need to see in 3D — but as evidenced by

October 28, 2019 Policy forums

Apple releases iOS 13.2 with Deep Fusion

Source: Policy Forums Apple has released iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 for the iPhone and iPad. This update features the usual bug fixes and security

October 28, 2019 Policy forums

Google reportedly in talks to acquire Fitbit

Source: Policy Forums According to Reuters, Google parent Alphabet is looking to acquire publicly traded wearables company Fitbit. Reuters says the deal is still being

October 28, 2019 Policy forums

Apple announces AirPods Pro with noise cancellation

Source: Policy Forums Apple just announced a new device today, the AirPods Pro. The company issued a press release to announce the new device. As

October 28, 2019 Policy forums

Here’s what the Uber Eats delivery drone looks like

Source: Policy Forums Uber has unveiled more details about its plans for Eats delivery via drones. If all goes according to Uber’s plan, it will

October 28, 2019 Policy forums

NVIDIA’s new Shield TV wins the Android TV market with amazing 4K upscaling

Source: Policy Forums NVIDIA has a new family of Android TV-based streaming devices, as tipped early via a couple of leaks from online stores. The

October 28, 2019 Policy forums

Quantum computing’s ‘Hello World’ moment

Source: Policy Forums Does quantum computing really exist? It’s fitting that for decades this field has been haunted by the fundamental uncertainty of whether it

October 26, 2019 Policy forums

NASA’s VIPER lunar rover will hunt water on the Moon in 2022

Source: Policy Forums NASA is looking for liquid gold on the Moon — not oil, but plain-old water. If we’re going to have a permanent

October 25, 2019 Policy forums

A bike lover’s take on the Cowboy e-bike

Source: Policy Forums Electric-bike maker Cowboy recently let me spend a couple of weeks with one of their e-bikes. It’s a well-designed e-bike that makes

October 23, 2019 Policy forums

Sense Photonics brings its fancy new flash lidar to market

Source: Policy Forums There’s no shortage of lidar solutions available for autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots — theoretically, anyway. But getting a lidar unit from

October 23, 2019 Policy forums