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Smartphone maker Realme is taking India and other emerging markets by storm

Source: Policy Forums As Xiaomi widens its smartphone lead over Samsung in India, a new competitor is increasingly posing a challenge. Realme, a one-and-half-year-old smartphone

November 11, 2019 Policy forums

Adidas backpedals on robotic shoe production with Speedfactory closures

Source: Policy Forums An expensive experiment in global distribution has been abandoned by Adidas, which has announced that will close its robotic “Speedfactories” in Atlanta

November 11, 2019 Policy forums

Vape lung ‘breakthrough’ suggests lethal culprit in THC products could be vitamin E acetate

Source: Policy Forums Official word has come down from federal authorities on one potential cause of the mystery illness affecting vape users: Vitamin E acetate,

November 08, 2019 Policy forums

This robotic arm slows down to avoid the uncanny valley

Source: Policy Forums Robotic arms can move fast enough to snatch thrown objects right out of the air… but should they? Not unless you want

November 07, 2019 Policy forums

DNA testing startup Veritas Genetics confirms data breach

Source: Policy Forums Veritas Genetics, a DNA testing startup, has said a data breach resulted in the theft of some customer information. The Danvers, MA-based

November 07, 2019 Policy forums

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 starts shipping

Source: Policy Forums Earlier this year, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft announced the second generation of its HoloLens augmented reality visor. Today, the

November 07, 2019 Policy forums

San Francisco smokes Juul’s hopes by voting to keep e-cigarette ban

Source: Policy Forums Voters in San Francisco have resoundingly rejected an attempt to overturn a citywide ban on e-cigarettes by a margin of around 80:20.

November 06, 2019 Policy forums

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is a truly great game controller

Source: Policy Forums Microsoft’s original Xbox Elite controller was a major step-up for gamers, with customizable buttons, changeable physical controls and adjustable sensitivity for serious

November 05, 2019 Policy forums

UK drone register takes off

Source: Policy Forums A UK drone registration scheme has opened ahead of the deadline for owners to register their devices coming into force at the

November 05, 2019 Policy forums

Xiaomi unveils Mi Watch, its $185 Apple Watch clone

Source: Policy Forums Xiaomi, which competes with Apple for the top position in the wearable market, today made the competition a little more interesting. The

November 05, 2019 Policy forums